Thursday, October 25, 2012

We're moving our junk!

Hello friends!  In an effort to bring you more exciting news about Three French Hens, we are migrating to a new website!  It's our hopes that we'll be able to offer online sales and other fun stuff!  So if the site looks different in the next few days, we invite you to connect with us on our new site as well as our Facebook page, which can be accessed through the new site as well!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hello...we are back !!! After a long holiday nap :>)))

   Sorry ...Sorry...Sorry  !!!  Thank you all for hanging around waiting patiently for SOMEONE to return to this blog and update on what is going on around the hen houses.
          Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season. Then enjoyed our spring like January. The stores were crazy busy in January and I have to attribute part of that to the beautiful weather we enjoyed here in Tennessee.
            NOW here we are in February !! How time flies-whew. We enjoyed a sweet Valentines season and now we are getting the itch for SPRING ! SO what better to do in those preparations than to take an outting to go and PICK some treasures. A nice fella came by the store this week and said quote.."I have a bunch of JUNK and this and that would ya'll ever be interested in coming out and taking a look -got several sheds and a barn " ?  Can you imagine the restrain it took not to SQUEEL in his face. Of coarse Debbie and I calmly said-"sure we can come out and take a look". (as we had chills running down our spines)

        So come on along with us and see how this first day went.

Now you may be looking at this and saying- that looks like a bunch of JUNK

  and you would be right!
BUT...having a different eye and perspective
on what these things "COULD" be is what takes this
 from a mess to magic !

I just love a shed !

That is a happy face-
a girl saying you gotta come and see what I found !!

 I mean seriously...I better go see-
she might need a hand-
not sure if  911 could find us way out where we are ! 
No no don't ask where-if we told you we would have to kill you-wink !

Told you she would unearth something rusty and AWESOME !
Minnow buckets-old rusty gate-shabby shelves and more !

OMG !!!
Look what I found !
Debbie says she can't lift that one -hehe
at least I know where it is :>)

I know I may be weird
but when out on these picks
I just LOVE seeing how God
sprinkles his love and beauty
here and there
Check out these cactus.
Thought cactus was a warm weather plant???

And then how cool is this COLOR ?!!!
love love love moss

Ok-ok...back to the good junk !

After a couple of hours diggin-pulling-climbing
here are our piles of yumminess

What will we turn these found objects into
what will YOU turn them into ???

Can't you see these panels as great signs--
jewelry holders-magnet boards

What would you make out of them ??

Now check out this great old chandelier-little tlc and this will be a gem !
What shall we do with the aluminum bowls ???
Wire frame piece---my mind is racing with ideas !

How adorable would this old wagon be in your garden !
Our time diggin was just plain fun !
It makes our hearts giggle with delight
 and our imaginations run with excitement

Oh Yea...probably our best find--
a set of four wonderful old iron chairs
As we all get anxious for spring these guys will probably
not last through the weekend

Debbie and I packed what we could in her little Beemer and our sweet new friend offered to bring our other treasures
back to the store.
Time to head back to the Ville with our FIX filled-as a junker you know what I am talking about!

Both very content as we were traveling along the country roads of Tennessee and suddenly Debbie says "let's go this way"-off our safe know where we are going route and am I ever so glad she did !
That is when we got to meet these sweet babies !
We sqeeled at the same time-made her let me out of the car to pet and get pictures...we R N LUV!!!
Wonder if the codes in our little historic district would mind if we had one of these as our store mascots???

Can you hear him whispering ???
He said-"take me to Nolensville" .
I swear.......sorta :>)

We will have to go back soon and see our new friends...
two legged AND four legged !!

A great afternoon wouldn't ya say?

Glad to back ya'll !

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Hens have a WINNER !!

You are the WINNER of our
   $ 25.00 Gift Certificate

Please email us within 48 hours to claim your prize.

  Happy Holidays and thanks everyone for participating

Saturday, December 10, 2011

THE ROOST has a GIFT to give...

    Thanks to everyone that came out for our first Shop Late till Eight ! That was a success and so much fun to have so many familiar faces after hours instead of the same three that are always there .
( nothing ill meant girls-just enjoyed a bigger party -hehe)
Speaking of parties--the holidays --feeling thankful

How about a FREE GIFT ?!?!
Yes in the spirit of the season we would like to give away a small token of thanks to YOU -our blog followers for being so faithful and following our journey through this world of junkin.
Before announcing the gift
  let's take a little peak at THE ROOST and a few things that are new

The store is filled with loveliness. Romantic furniture with beautiful curved French lines to smooth simple elegance. Lots of gorgeous jewelry -Toyko Milk perfumes and bath products.

      Unique ideas meet you at every glance.

   What little feathered friend would not LOVE to live here??
Heck-I would love to live here !


   Well actually this glass house would probably fit me better .
Beautiful silver tinsel wreaths
     adorn her front while other treasures  are gracefully tucked all around.
         Now please step in and see what this sweet little lady has awaiting you inside.

            I can just use my imagination on what I would fill this little pretty with.

Better yet let me SHOW you a few suggestions....

Welcome to the latest additions to The Roost-

Come in and check out what we have in

         THE NEST
our newest addition to the store-a wonderful selection of beautiful clothing-sweaters -scarfs and accessory's that are very unique with the most reasonable of prices.
   There really is no reason for going to the big malls-our quaint little shops have the most wonderful gifts for others or especially for YOU !

Now for that give-away.
You have patiently waited.....

Leave us a comment on our new additions and we will enter your name to win
a 25.00 Gift Certificate for The Roost.
If your name is chosen and you live out of state we will mail you a 25.00 Visa Gift Card

Good luck--we will draw a name on Wednesday December 14th.

Happy Shopping Everyone.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shop Late-till Eight...serving Wine and H'orderves

It Is A Holiday Event......

Shop Late-Till Eight


Wine and h'orderves served

(Stores will be open regular hours as well)

This Thursday Dec.8th the historic
village is staying open
until 8pm

Come join us and have a glass of wine and enjoy a tasty morsel as you shop.
We will have store specials for the evening and other surprises just for YOU-our most fabulous customers. Bring a friend and receive 10% off your total purchase.

       Throughout our shops
are unique one of a kind
gifts for you and your
loved ones for this
holiday season
and all year through.

Who wants the traffic and crowds of the big malls...
Come out and support small business all the while enjoying a glass of holiday cheer with us.

Hope to see you
 on Thursday, Dec 8th