Monday, August 29, 2011

Sharing the EXCITEMENT....literally !!! It's our FIRST -Giveaway

The window is dressed
Three French Hens in anticipation of
One of our most talented dealers and dearest friend-
 along with the fearless organizer of
Bella Rustica-
Ms. Linda Lindley,
 whom I must say is talented beyond words herself, helped to create this magical setting that is ozzing ..... Barn Sale!
We love to re purpose--transpose and simply use what you have .
So you have a chair
that is missing the seat...
don't discard -
use as a centerpiece for a party OR...
a Barn Sale !

 Add texture-
Add scale-
Add special lighting...
   such as a great old rusty basket turned upside down with a lamp tied in and drip a few crystals and WALA...
A chandelier unlike anyone else !

 Speaking of loving it...
It's Our FIRST EVER Giveaway !

I have two tickets to present to one of our followers to attend-can you guess???
You all are good--you are RIGHT !
For all of our followers I will enter your name-
if you post a comment to this post I will put your name in twice.
Oh...and by the way,
these tickets are for the
early bird-get in first tickets !

Not sure if you can tell.........
we are a bit excited-
this show is going to be

I will announce the winner next Monday-
good luck!
  (should you be out of town and unable to attend we will send you a gift from the store and draw again)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hens busy getting ready-MARK YOUR CALENDARS !!!


   Some households are busy getting school clothes organized- kids off to start a new year of education, last minute end of the summer trips -cleaning up of lawns and preparing for the fall season of gardening (that sounds refreshing huh) but us girls and a guy at
           Three French Hens
        The Roost
           We are getting ready for a date with......
   B E L L A !

          If you do not know about Bella Rustica go check out all of the details at

  This sale is a first for Tennessee.
The line up of vendors participating makes my heart skip a beat.
Our dear friend, Linda Lindley has had a dream for some time to see an event such as this come to fruition.
Linda works for a wonderful non profit organization called AGAPE . This event is a two fold opportunity-a chance to showcase inspiring vintage finds and creations as well as a fund raiser for an organization that works passionately for others.

We (who is we you ask), the Bella team of Stacey,Debbie, Mary and Blake. We are crazy busy painting-nailing-sewing... creating some fabulousness to unveil at our space which will be in the main barn but downstairs. Yes you read that right--we are in the downstairs of the barn--a way cool area. Be sure and look for us.  Here are a few BEFORE pictures of our "crib".

   This will be the doorway down the main isle of the big barn to lead you to our space

                            Coming "downstairs" to our space.

Looking to both ends of our space.
Can't wait to show after pictures--will transform these stalls to something magical.
One more view of the beauty of our space....

The view of those beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee and Tap Root Farms.
Yes that is the view out of our stall see why we chose this space-
heaven,simply heaven !

Here is a small sneak peek at a picture of a couple of things we will have at the sale. We like to keep your curiosity peeked. 

We love to make light fixtures out of found objects.
 When we found the Auto Vacuum Freezer we knew...
must be lit !
What a conversation piece-truly a one of a kind.
Printed on the front is this great piece is the date "1912".
           Hope this wet your appetite for so much more that will be available at BellaRustica-an urban barn sale experience.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


       So at the last minute Debbie and I say "lets go for a couple of days to the Worlds Longest Yard Sale-never done that before". What a great decision ! On Thursday morning we planned to hit the road at 6am-beat the morning traffic out of Nashville and be on our way. So as we pulled out of the parking lot at the Roost with the trailer in tow at 9:30am ( I confess-that is in Stacey style) we were off. We have learned at our age to not stress over the "getting away" is what it is. There is always plenty of "stuff" out there be it market in Atlanta or an auction or...well you get the picture. But hey...the traffic out of Nashville was a breeze :>)
   So speaking of pictures let me share the first one of our journey ( BEWARE -some pictures may contain questionable content :>) Did not always notice every detail through the lens...
Poor fellow-managed to catch him right as he was using his shirt to wipe the sweat. Pardon me ! But  check out the great little pedal car to his right. Stops like this are one after the other on the highway. Think us girls are in TROUBLE !

                 Us girls realized something early on...must learn how to back trailer before next years sale. These were the type of areas we had to stop because we could NOT back up the trailer. One direction for us.......STRAIGHT ! It really brought us allot of laughs along the way and probably saved us allot of money !
                                                    Cumberland Mountain General Store Around the corner, still in Tennessee we come to this precious little store. What you can't see are the hundreds of tents of vendors to either side of the store and around back. This was a fabulous stop that we left with hands full...actually made two trips to the truck to unload and go back in for more. Can't reveal what we found as it is a surprise to be revealed at an upcoming show we are doing September 16-17 . Go check out the details at  Will show you something we did not get and regret...waaaaaaaaaaa
     How wonderful is this old bike???? ( and the two crusty old tables in the background and the other bikes--we must have been out of our minds to leave them behind  ) 
           Oh well ! Many more treasures along the ride -we must move on but if you are planning this trip you need to mark this as a stop for sure !!
    After lots of other stops not photographed we arrive on this beautiful -pictures do not do justice area in Kentucky. Yes we have crossed state lines and are now traveling through the Bluegrass state. Only problem-we rarely know where we are because our map is only Tennessee :>) Minor details... 
     The far right white roof is an old general store-probably been there a hundred years. People just set up these tent "malls" all along the route. The roads along the route through Kentucky wind around and up and down hills and as we topped a hill and began coming down  this is what was nestled in the holler. Had to stop. Made no purchases here but worth the experience none the less.
       You may notice in this picture it is beginning to get dusk. Guess what-remember this trip was planned on the fly ? So now where are we going to stay as we have no reservations. Warning-we were not traveling through big towns-probably saw two hotels the entire time. But before we could find a place to lay our weary little heads we were starved.
        Destination...Albany Kentucky---a wonderful little meat and three filled our tummies and led us to our resting destination. Thank goodness the junking Gods were watching over us and they had "A" room left.  Monticello Kentucky would be home for the night ! First day report....A+

Did I ever say we were in God's Country while on this trip ? If not I should have. Highway 127 from Crossville to where we eventually had to stop in Liberty Kentucky is simply gorgeous !  Had to drive 20 miles off the path to find our hotel but it was very worth it. Stayed in a Holiday Express in Monticello that has changed names but sorry...have no idea what the name is. The only room available was a King jacuzzi and we said fine as long as shes clean I would sleep in the tub is necessary. Got many chuckles from that meaning in literal sense. Jacuzzi right next to bed. I guess Debbie and I finally made it to our honeymoon. We have after all been together a long time-like 1978 ! (wonderful friendships endure)
So....Debbie's body clock goes off-up and showering at 6am for another day of hunting. During continental breakfast at the hotel met two wonderful couples also shopping the sale. One from New York state and the other from Florida. So sorry I did not write names down to share. I am getting too old but we so enjoyed our conversations with them. Both couples have come for the sale several times. Just another bonus from this trip-the great folks you meet and conversations you have.

                               Across the street from the hotel-not exactly the same view at home across from our hotels. If I had a quarter for every cow -every field of soy beans and every corn field we passed we could have brought home many more treasures.
    It was a beautiful morning to be a junker !
Know it is a bad photo but it is our home away from home AND after all where Debbie and I spent our honeymoon ! hehehe

I just loved the quirky little gimmicks people had with their spaces. A sweet little BBQ joint--only in America !
 Now check out the other side of the street---

This stop was a score ! We found some great things and this time I am going to give a little peak.

     How AWESOME is this little beauty !!! I sit here and fantasize about all the trips I want to take in my hot pink camper. Not sure if that color is original but   I    L O V E   I T  !
                                                         ... and Big Bubba too !
Love love love the story behind these two finds. A gentleman that is handicap takes old discarded trucks and cars that are missing wheels and different parts and puts them back together to make a whole unit again--notice on Big Bubba his different wheels. Love the trucks but love the story more. Had to have them !!! Be sure to come to Bella Rustica ( to see how we magically display them as they will be available for you to own)                 

Some times it is nice to get back on the road to cool off in the AC that we are so spoiled to-rest our weary piggy's and await what is around the bend and OMG wait till you see...

Wolf Creek Dam Kentucky

It is massive and it is breath taking ! Thank you God for our beautiful world !
What more could we see......

Welcome to " Pioneer Antiques and Collectibles and Granny's Soda Shop "
 Located in south Jamestown  Kentucky this stop in the road was fantastic. Picturesque -Primitive and lots of rust...everything that makes two hens HAPPY ! Check out this treasure that sits out front--too bad it was not for sale  :>(

                                                         Did I say...I love rust ? Wish we could have brought this back for Linda

    Take a break inside with Clara-Sandy and Erin and have them serve you up a big ole scoop of ice cream.....Delish!!!  

       Right outside this antique shop was a tent with amazing BBQ-Ribeye and more delights--these are the ones I remember as we indulged for lunch. Reruns BBQ and catering of Columbia Ky--great food and sweet folks ! You gotta love this trip ! Belly's full and time to hit the road. ( by the way-seeing I look like a bag of hot pink cotton candy and Debbie did not tell me-weight watchers starting Monday :>)
Big weakness.....fury babies.  Debbie says I would talk to anybody or anything ! Well I would have to agree but especially puppies.     Meet Chloe and Clifton (I think I have their names right-hopefully mommy and daddy will see their photos and correct me if I am wrong-sorry) Sweet girl on the left and her son on the right. Both were precious and the Mr...he was quite a performer. He bounced for us-backed up-healed -wove in and out of his owners legs----gave us quite a show. Yes I would have brought them home too if I could. Lovely visit but on for more treasures

JACKPOT...Ring Ring Ring of the slot machine...YOU ARE A WINNER !!!
This is a junker DREAM.
YES we got to pick through the shed ! Who cares if there may have been snakes-brown recluse-when you see what we picked out of this for the Barn Sale at Bella Rustica you are gonna drool ! Well not really drool-just BUY ! :>)

You can come a little closer but you can't come in til SEPTEMBER 16-17
I know you can just imagine what was inside !
May we say to Mrs. GC-you and your friends were a delight to meet and do business with. You are definitely on our list to visit again next year. Please tell the fellas--thanks for backing in the trailer (wink)
Next..... (is this a blast or what)

Another corn field-more sales and more fury friends. Many of the next vendors were Amish.

She is hot but ready for more--isn't that what you are suppose to say on your honeymoon?!? (sorry but could not resist)

I spy a chicken coop !  So sad we were gonna get it when we would leave but someone else was loading it up. You snooze -you lose ! Now I know how our customers feel sometimes when they come back for a treasure and it is gone-wa!

I wanted this little guy ! Isn't he beautiful??? But Debbie said no -  SO......
When she wanted this guy that was churning the ice cream that the young Amish children were making and selling I had to say--sorry dear but no. What is fair in a marriage is fair ! hehe I know -now I am losing it.

                These were the last photos I had taken of our journey. Memories Debbie and I will cherish and will repeat next year for sure. Put this on you bucket list in life--well well worth it. Also don't forget to put the Barn Sale at Tap Root Farms----BELLA RUSTICA  on that list too so that you can see all the many treasures we purchased and will be for sale-they will not disappoint !
                                  Hope you enjoyed this peek at our journey


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Laura has moved-she is settled and it is Fab-U-Lus ! See for yourself

Let The Tour Begin.......

Laura's use of color and her painting technique is so unique to her.
Very talented !
Is it too early to send Santa a letter because I want the server she just brought in - it really wants to live at my house-told me so-I promise ! (big ole wink)
Whch piece do you want ?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happenings at Three French Hens

Changes taking place at TFH. We are sad to see one of our wonderful dealers leave that started with us from the beginning..Dorothy Woodward will be missed more than she will ever know.We are excited for her new adventures in life as long as that includes visiting often. Her creativity is priceless and unique and we were blessed to be a part of it.
She inspires us all ! 
Good Luck Doll !!!

 Moving in to her space is a very creative woman that has called the upstairs home. Laura Sowell will wow you with her spin on painted furniture, lovely pillows and unique finds.Be sure and come in this week and see her new home as she has been working like a little bee and let me just say.....WORTH THE TRIP-an OMG moment for sure . Another must see is new family member-Denise Lutrell. Denise was a shop owner herself and in our world all I can say is..."She Gets It ". Beautiful cottage shabby chic furniture and handmade accessories and so much more. Located upstairs and take a right and WOW !  Three French Hens is simply a place to be these days. Come see for yourself. ( as soon as my picture downloading stops giving me trouble I will share photos ) See you soon :>)