Monday, November 15, 2010

What are you most THANKFUL for in this season of Thanksgiving???

Thanksgiving has taken on a much deeper meaning for me in the last 19 months. I never dreamed of being a small business owner much less the owner of TWO business'. God has a path for each and every person, I firmly believe this. When we let go and allow God to lead us the magic of our destiny is an amazing adventure.
    Twenty eight years ago as I graduated from high school my destiny was set- I was a licensed hairstylist and that is what I would be as I grew up ! was for a while--then would follow a stint in retail, merchandising, teaching , management, motherhood and many other opportunities along lifes road. Soemthing I have come to realize, they all had one common denominator-CREATIVITY !
   That is what I am most thankful for ! God has given me a gift of the ability to create and I am so humbled and thankful not only for the gift but also for the ability to express that I have it. It has taken me 28 years to do so and to be comfortable in saying so. During this season of Thanksgiving celebrate who you are and the gifts that are within. My life is so very blessed having a family that supports me 100% in my business and having a business partner that is also my bff and incredibly creative and talented herself. Life has aligned itself so perfectly and this girl could not be more thankful and appreciative.
   Enjoy a little of THREE FRENCH HENS celebrating the season of Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends !

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