Thursday, October 13, 2011

Honoring a young HERO !

To bring awareness to Breast Cancer awareness month Three French Hens and The Roost are participating in project


A young lady with Oohlala Furniture on facebook began this movement and asked anyone who painted furniture to join in. As participants paint a piece of furniture pink they then place it up for auction. The highest bidder receives the pink treasure and the money raised goes to the charity of your choice in the fight to conquer cancer once and for all.

  My mother battled that monster and we knew right away we wanted to participate in this brilliant idea.
We have chosen to dedicate our sweet french pink cabinet to a young lady from Murfreesboro Tennessee named TAY FILORIMO.

Tay is a precious young lady that should not have to be fighting an adults illness but is doing so with great courage and determination. Her motto is--CANCER WILL NOT STRIKE HER OUT !! Very fitting for a tough young softball player !
We will donate the highest bid to Tay.

     The bid is open--
come by the store and place a bid--
email a bid--
give us a call with a bid

   Let's make this the best....just like Tay !

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